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Website, podcast, resources and much more.  Dan Harris was the catalyst for my early learnings about Mindfulness.  He has a straight forward, no nonsense and honest voice which I value.  


What started as an app has now grown leaps and bounds.  This is the number one mindfulness app for youth.  There is stuff here for teachers as well.  What separates them from other apps is their unique "check in" feature.  I love this app for kids of all ages!


Andy, Atman and Ali are superheroes.  Originally servicing the city of Baltimore, MD, HLF's staff has grown exponentially over the years.  They implement mindfulness practices in schools and youth across the country.  To get a sneak peak, check this out.  


Housed in Madison, WI, The Center for Healthy Minds is the creation of Dr. Richie Davidson, a world leader in brain research and mindfulness.  You want science?  You will get it here. 

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